Slovenska raziskovalna infrastruktura za jezikovne vire in tehnologije
Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Slovenia

CLARIN-ELEXIS: Knowledge Centre for Lexicography

CLARIN-ELEXIS Knowledge Centre for Lexicography operates as a distributed virtual centre supported by 17 institutions from 12 CLARIN National Consortia. CLARIN-ELEXIS is coordinated by Jožef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) as part of CLARIN.SI infrastructure. To contact any member of the K-Centre please write to

CLARIN-ELEXIS Knowledge Centre for Lexicography offers open-access data, tools and services for lexicographers. Existing data, tools and services are based on the results of the ELEXIS (European Lexicographic Infrastructure) H2020 project (2018-2022).

Lexicographic data, tools and services

  1. ELEXIS dictionaries are available in the CLARIN.SI repository (ELEXIS collection)
  2. ELEXIS corpora are available in the CLARIN.SI concordancers
  3. ELEXIS tools (on GitHub):
    1. Lexonomy (dictionary editor): GitHub, online
    2. Elexifier (conversion software): GitHub (backend, API), online
    3. Dictionary Matrix (link viewer): GitHub, online
    4. NAISC (linking tool): GitHub
    5. BabelNet linker: GitHub
    6. Cross the Word: GitHub
  4. ELEXIS Pathfinder to Computational Lexicography for Developers and Computational Linguists (DARIAH-CAMPUS)


Participating institutions and their expertise

The ELEXIS Knowledge Centre for Lexicography will operate as a distributed virtual centre supported by 17 institutions from five leading institutions in existing CLARIN National Consortia, and eight lexicographic institutions, seven of them from countries with established CLARIN consortia. The Knowledge Centre will be coordinated by the Jožef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia), and the main point of contact to CLARIN ERIC is Simon Krek (

Jožef Stefan Institute:

  • National Consortium: CLARIN.SI, Slovenia
  • expertise: Existing CLARIN-ELEXIS infrastructure, Helpdesk

Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH)

  • National Consortium: CLARIAH-AT, Austria
  • expertise: Existing CLARIN-ELEXIS infrastructure, lexicography, corpus linguistics, language resources and text technologies

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-LV, Latvia
  • URL(s):,
  • expertise: language resources and technology for Latvian, creation of WordNet-like and FrameNet-like lexical resources, computational lexicography, semantic parsing

Centre for Language Technology, University of Copenhagen

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-DK, Denmark
  • expertise: Computational lexicography, wordnets, lexical-semantic resources for NLP, practical lexical projects for NLP

Vytautas Magnus University

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-LT, Lithuania
  • expertise: Lithuanian language technology, corpus linguistics, lexicography, terminology

Danish Society for Language and Literature

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-DK, Denmark
  • URL(s):
  • expertise: lexicography (historical and contemporary) for the Danish language, computational lexicography and the creation of formal semantic lexicons for Danish (WordNet, FrameNet etc.)

Dutch Language Institute

Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje

  • National Consortium: HR-CLARIN, Croatia
  • expertise: lexicography, historical lexicography, etymology, semantics, terminology, general linguistics

Institute for the Estonian language

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-DK, Denmark
  • URL(s):
  • expertise: lexicography, corpus lexicography, (multilingual) lexicographic resources for Estonian, corpus linguistics


  • National Consortium: PORTULAN CLARIN, Portugal
  • expertise: lexicography, terminology, standards, computational lexical semantics

The National Library of Norway

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-IT, Italy
  • expertise: Digital Lexical and Textual Resources for Latin; Linguistic Linked Open Data; Natural Language Processing; valency and subcategorization

Institute of Philology of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

  • Country: Ukraine
  • expertise: digital neography, digital terminography, linguistic innovation modelling, corpus linguistics, digital humanities, digital learning

Trier Center for Digital Humanities, University of Trier

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-D, Germany
  • URL(s):
  • expertise: (retro)digitization, XML-markup, interlinking and online publication of dictionaries, federated content search, digital humanities

Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics

  • National Consortium: HunCLARIN, Hungary
  • expertise: language resources and technology for Hungarian, lexicography, computational lexicography, terminology, corpus linguistics, general linguistics

Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • National Consortium: CLaDA-BG, Bulgaria
  • expertise: language technology and resources for Bulgarian; language modelling; lexical semantics; ontologies; electronic dictionaries; lexicon-corpus interface

Institute for Computational Linguistics A. Zampolli, Italian National Research Council

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-IT, Italy
  • URL(s): (hosting lexical data in different formats)
  • expertise: computational lexicography, standardization, (meta)models for lexical data, training courses (language resources for lexicography) legacy resources: ItalWordNet, SIMPLE Lexicon for Italian, lexical resources for ancient languages