Slovenska raziskovalna infrastruktura za jezikovne vire in tehnologije
Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Slovenia

CLARIN-ELEXIS: Knowledge Centre for Lexicography

CLARIN-ELEXIS Knowledge Centre for Lexicography operates as a distributed virtual centre supported by 17 institutions from 12 CLARIN National Consortia. CLARIN-ELEXIS is coordinated by Jožef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) as part of CLARIN.SI infrastructure. To contact any member of the K-Centre please write to

CLARIN-ELEXIS Knowledge Centre for Lexicography offers expertise and support in using open-access data, tools and services for lexicographers. Existing data, tools and services are based on the results of the ELEXIS (European Lexicographic Infrastructure) H2020 project (2018-2022).

Lexicographic data, tools and services

  1. ELEXIS dictionaries are available in the CLARIN.SI repository (ELEXIS collection)
  2. ELEXIS corpora are available in the CLARIN.SI concordancers
  3. ELEXIS tools (on GitHub):
    1. Lexonomy (dictionary editor): GitHub, online
    2. Elexifier (conversion software): GitHub (backend, API), online
    3. Dictionary Matrix (link viewer): GitHub, online
    4. NAISC (linking tool): GitHub
    5. BabelNet linker: GitHub
    6. Cross the Word: GitHub
  4. ELEXIS Curriculum on DARIAH-CAMPUS

Participating institutions and their expertise

Jožef Stefan Institute:

  • National Consortium: CLARIN.SI, Slovenia
  • expertise: Existing CLARIN-ELEXIS infrastructure, Helpdesk

Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH)

  • National Consortium: CLARIAH-AT, Austria
  • expertise: Existing CLARIN-ELEXIS infrastructure, lexicography, corpus linguistics, language resources and text technologies

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-LV, Latvia
  • URL(s):,
  • expertise: language resources and technology for Latvian, creation of WordNet-like and FrameNet-like lexical resources, computational lexicography, semantic parsing

Centre for Language Technology, University of Copenhagen

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-DK, Denmark
  • expertise: Computational lexicography, wordnets, lexical-semantic resources for NLP, practical lexical projects for NLP

Institute of Digital Resources and Interdisciplinary Research, Vytautas Magnus University

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-LT, Lithuania
  • expertise: Lithuanian language technology, corpus linguistics, lexicography, terminology

Danish Society for Language and Literature

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-DK, Denmark
  • URL(s):
  • expertise: lexicography (historical and contemporary) for the Danish language, computational lexicography and the creation of formal semantic lexicons for Danish (WordNet, FrameNet etc.)

Dutch Language Institute

Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje

  • National Consortium: HR-CLARIN, Croatia
  • expertise: lexicography, historical lexicography, etymology, semantics, terminology, general linguistics

Institute for the Estonian language

  • National Consortium: CLARIN Estonia, Estonia
  • URL(s):
  • expertise: lexicography, corpus lexicography, (multilingual) lexicographic resources for Estonian, corpus linguistics


  • National Consortium: PORTULAN CLARIN, Portugal
  • expertise: lexicography, terminology, standards, computational lexical semantics

The National Library of Norway

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-IT, Italy
  • expertise: Digital Lexical and Textual Resources for Latin; Linguistic Linked Open Data; Natural Language Processing; valency and subcategorization

Institute of Philology of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

  • Country: Ukraine
  • expertise: digital neography, digital terminography, linguistic innovation modelling, corpus linguistics, digital humanities, digital learning

Trier Center for Digital Humanities, University of Trier

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-D, Germany
  • URL(s):
  • expertise: (retro)digitization, XML-markup, interlinking and online publication of dictionaries, federated content search, digital humanities

HUN-REN Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics

  • National Consortium: HunCLARIN, Hungary
  • expertise: language resources and technology for Hungarian, lexicography, computational lexicography, terminology, corpus linguistics, general linguistics

Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • National Consortium: CLaDA-BG, Bulgaria
  • expertise: language technology and resources for Bulgarian; language modelling; lexical semantics; ontologies; electronic dictionaries; lexicon-corpus interface

Institute for Computational Linguistics A. Zampolli, Italian National Research Council

  • National Consortium: CLARIN-IT, Italy
  • URL(s): (hosting lexical data in different formats)
  • expertise: computational lexicography, standardization, (meta)models for lexical data, training courses (language resources for lexicography) legacy resources: ItalWordNet, SIMPLE Lexicon for Italian, lexical resources for ancient languages