Slovenska raziskovalna infrastruktura za jezikovne vire in tehnologije
Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Slovenia


CLARIN.SI member of the CLARIN ERIC General Assembly

Albin Kralj, Ministry for Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia

CLARIN.SI National Coordinator

Tomaž Erjavec, Department of Knowledge Technologies, Jožef Stefan Institute

Organisation of CLARIN.SI

The Slovenian research infrastructure CLARIN.SI is established as a long term infrastructure project as part of CLARIN ERIC (European Research Infrastructures Consortium).

CLARIN.SI is organised as a consortium, which has been established as a special form of a society, itself not a legal entity. Membership is open to institutions, corporations, associations and other legal entities which are engaged in the development or use of language resources, tools and technologies for the Slovenian language. The consortium partners have signed a consortium agreement that sets out their rights and obligations.

The consortium’s Management Committee makes decisions regarding CLARIN.SI and represent its members. Each member of the consortium is on the Management Committee with one vote.

CLARIN.SI is situated at the Jožef Stefan Institute, which is the technical centre of this research infrastructure. It maintains the CLARIN.SI repository of resources and tools and other services, as defined by the Statues of CLARIN ERIC. At JSI, the CLARIN.SI technical centre is being developed and maintained by three units: the Department of Knowledge Technologies (JSI E8), the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (JSI E3), and the Center for Network Infrastructure (JSI CMI).

Members of the CLARIN.SI consortium

The CLARIN.SI consortium has 12 member institutions, which develop or use language resources and technologies in Slovenia: