Slovenska raziskovalna infrastruktura za jezikovne vire in tehnologije
Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Slovenia


In addition to the repository and online concordancers, CLARIN.SI provides its users also with the following services.

Services for automated text annotation

CLARIN.SI is hosting the ReLDIanno text annotation service which enables processing of three South Slavic languages: Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian. There are two main ways of using ReLDIanno: (1) through a web application and (2) through a Python library. To read more, visit the CLASSLA K-centre webpage.

Services for manual text annotation

CLARIN.SI hosts a tool for on-line manual linguistic annotation of corpora called WebAnno. To read more about WebAnno, have a look at the home page of the project. If you would like an account on WebAnno@CLARIN.SI, please send an e-mail to explaining who you are and why you need access.

Services for storage, download and cooperative development of language resources and technologies

CLARIN.SI has a virtual organisation at GitHub called CLARINSI that hosts a number of projects related to language resources and technologies, such as PoS and NER taggers, word normalisers, standards and conversions between linguistic formalisms.

CLARIN.SI hosts a GitLab server that offers a platform for developers of language technology tools and resources. The main advantage as compared to is that projects can also be made private, without paying any fee, and that not all of our code is stored by companies in the U.S. If you would like an account on GitLab@CLARIN.SI, please send an e-mail to explaining who you are and why you need access.

Services for knowledge transfer by ensuring recording and archiving support for events linked to CLARIN.SI infrastructure

CLARIN.SI supports the recording and archiving of the JOTA lectures, organised by the Slovene Society for Language Technologies, on the VideoLectures portal. Note that the recordings of some other CLARIN events are also available at VideoLectures.