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dc.description Školski rječnik hrvatskoga jezika. The printed edition of the School Dictionary of the Croatian Language was published in 2012 as a result of the project Croatian Normative One-Volume Dictionary. School Dictionary of the Croatian Language was not a born-digital dictionary but it was updated and adapted to web publishing and published online in 2020 ( It is a normative dictionary of the contemporary standard Croatian language consisting of 30,000 entries. It is based on a corpus of elementary and high school textbooks from which the lexicographers manually extracted the alphabetical list of entries. It was written consulting the Croatian Language Repository corpus ( as well as the Internet, i.e. all entry words were checked in the corpus for examples and collocations but examples and collocations were not directly taken from the corpus. It was written in the Softlex dictionary compilation program. While compiling the dictionary special attention was paid to semantic relations between entries and meanings and synonyms and antonyms are connected by links.
dc.language.iso hrv
dc.publisher Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics
dc.subject monolingual dictionary
dc.subject general dictionary
dc.subject modern dictionary
dc.subject lexicographic resource
dc.title School Dictionary of the Croatian Language (ELEXIS)
dc.type lexicalConceptualResource
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contact.person Kristina Despot Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics 30149 entries
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