Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Slovenia

General information

The Slovene research infrastructure CLARIN.SI is established as a long-term project in the framework of the European consortium CLARIN ERIC (European Research Infrastructures Consortium). The aim of CLARIN is to promote research activities, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, with the construction and operation of a federation of infrastructures in common use, which provide language resources, technology and expertise for the research community. The Slovene CLARIN, CLARIN.SI, was established in 2013, and became a member of CLARIN ERIC in 2015.

History of CLARIN.SI

The European Commission funded the preparatory phase of the European CLARIN infrastructure for the period from January 1st 2008 till June 30th 2011. Slovenia was not actively involved, but had two observer institutions in CLARIN (Jožef Stefan Institute, Alpineon). In 2009, the Slovene Government invited researchers to define in which European research infrastructures they wish Slovenia to participate and on this basis established the Research infrastructure development plan 2011-2020 which was officially approved by the Government in April 2011. This document included CLARIN as one of the priority research infrastructures.

After the end of the preparatory phase and as an infrastructure continuation project, the European consortium ERIC (European Research Infrastructures Consortium) was established February 2012 with nine founding member countries..

In Slovenia, the CLARIN infrastructure finally received some initial funding in October 2013 with the Jožef Stefan Institute as the site of the infrastructure. This enabled the transfer of the slovenšč platform to the servers at the Institute, which was then in danger of being discontinued. The “Communication in Slovene” project that funded its development had ended, but not provisions had been made for its hosting and maintenance of its results, so the Slovene CLARIN took over this role. In 2013 and 2014 we also mounted a number of large corpora on our installation of the powerful corpus search platform noSketchEngine, .

For the establishment of the Slovene CLARIN Consortium, the Slovenian Language Technologies Society first published a call for members, after which the CLARIN.SI Consortium Agreement was drawn up and signed by the nine founding members, and two new ones joined in September 2014, bringing the current total of CLARIN.SI to eleven members. They join all the major Slovene institutions working on linguistics, lexicography, and language technologies, including three universities, three research institutes, two companies and three societies.

In April 2015 we set up the CLARIN.SI language resource repository. The repository runs under the LINDAT/DSpace platform (available on GitHub), used by, and originaly developed for the Czech LINDAT/CLARIN repository at  UFAL. In May CLARIN.SI, after many years, also joined CLARIN ERIC, becoming its 14th member.


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